Event Rules




The Firefighters Association of Namur is responsible for the organisation of an event where rope rescue teams compete against each other. All participants are expected to know and abide without reservation to the event rules. The organizers have complete authority over these rules.


The challenge is open to all 5-member teams capable of carrying out rescue operations in perilous situations.  Each team will also provide two extra participants.  One extra participant capable of evaluating the different exercices. And one extra participat of at least 60kg to act as the victim. This person must be over 18 years old.  During the entire duration of the challenge, the victim will be equipped with a helmet and a harness.

Course of the challenge

Control posts will be established all along the course.  The jury will verify the assembly, the organization conformity (knots, security of the rescuers and the victim, organization of the rescue…) in accordance with a pre-established form.  The non respect of the course shall incur the disqualification of the team. For reasons of safety and the well being of everyone involved, the number of competing teams will be limited to 36.   Along the course the members of the organisation will be clearly identified with their T-shirt and badge.  Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.  Furthermore an Ops HQ will be installed at the center of the course and will be the gathering point of all teams.

Teams Identification

Each team leader will wear the number of his team on his helmet and wear his standard intervention uniform.  The team will use standard equipment, preferably the equipment used in rescue operations, including the helmet.  The use of gloves is up to each person, and entirely at their own risk.


Each team is free to use whatever techniques they wish.  Nonetheless, all rescues, with the exception of the stretcher transport, will be done with 2 ropes of a minimum of 10.5 millimetres according to the Belgian regulations.  All break systems must automatically lock. At any moment during the course, the judges may ask the team members to let go and the “brakes” must work, preferably by an auto-lock system or else with the knots.

Check In

Check-in will start the day of the challenge at the check-in desk (Chaussée de Liège 55, 5100 Namur).  The team leaders will give the organizers their list of team members + victim + controller.  All check-in formalities will then be completed.


The teams must bring their own equipment, in good condition that is regularly used in rescue operations.  The admitted material for GRIMPDAY must meet official standards in effect (CE).  It should preferably be the equipment used for interventions. There is no limit on the amount of equipment brought, but bear in mind that whatever you bring, you will carry with you from the beginning to the end of the challenge, without returning to the vehicles.  The equipment accepted for the GRIMPDAY must comply with the Belgian regulations as well as those applicable in the home country of each team.  Each team is responsible for the conformity, good condition and maintenance of their own equipment.  Sporadic controls are possible.  For the duration of the challenge, the organisers are entitled to withdraw any equipment that is considered non-conform or in a bad state.


The final ranking will be established through the combination of several vectors: sum of penalties, total time, style (= calmness of the operations  …), respect of security, … A jury will settle all disputed situations.  The organizers are not part of the jury.  Disputed situations will be photographed at the time and analyzed by the jury at the end of the day.  The jury’s decision will be final. Penalties will be applied in the following events :

  • Disrespect of the general directions of the challenge;

  • Disrespect of the general directions given by the person in charge of the challenge;

  • Disrespect of the course;

  • An injury to either a rescuer or the victim;

  • Losing or forgetting any material;

  • Endangering any team member or the victim (lack of security near heights, etc…)


Consumption of alcohol is forbidden both prior and during the challenge.   If there is any doubt, the organisers are entitled to stop the participant.


Although parallel courses are planned, any competitor that is caught-up must make way for other teams.

Food & Drink Supply

Food and drink supply during the challenge is permitted.  There will also be stations set up around the course.

Rewards and Prizes

The participation of the competitors at the awards ceremony is compulsory. In case of absence, the teams will not receive their prize.


All engagements are firm and definitive.  They will not be reimbursed.  The application is effective once the application fee is received.


In concordance with the Belgian laws, the organizers have subscribed to an insurance to cover the consequences of their civil responsibility for their assistants, and for all the participants of the GRIMPDAY challenge. The organization does not cover any individual accident insurance.  You will be responsible for any and all breaches of the law and/or security standards that are in effect.


By taking part in the GRIMPDAY, each competitor authorizes the Firefighters’ Association of Namur to use their name, their voice, and their performance in all direct, indirect, or under derivative use of this challenge for all support, in the entire world, by any means.  Should any participant not agree with this last point, he should advise the organisers by registered mail within 20 days before the event.

Minimum Material

  •   6 X 100 m ropes minimum  (10.5 mm minimum)
  • Individual lighting
  • 1 X throw bag + 60 meters throw-line
  • You have to be able to make an high line (80 m ) with 2 ropes . Using this high line , you have to lift up your victim+ one rescuer , to move  them and to drop them off  .
  • A stretcher + your victim must always be secured.
  • For the different progressions, you have to use two ropes (1 for working + 1 for security )
  • You don’t have to bring your tripod
  • We’ll provide you the medical equipment

Scoring sheet